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Video Explainers

One thing that HookLead has enjoyed doing is video, and particularly creating video explainers in what we think is useful within responsive web design projects and inbound marketing strategies.

Video allows us to really create something fun and exciting while giving you something truly unique in your marketing arsenal. For example, a factor in website rankings can come from the amount of time site visitors stay on your page. So what better way than to have a video that can clarify your product or service while boosting your conversion and increasing sales!

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So Why A Video Explainer?

Simple. They explain things so much easier…if done right. Video explainers can be used to market your business for those who just don’t have the time or even ones who enjoy something visual.

By using video on your site, a landing page or even as a download you:

  • Make yourself stand out and further promotes your brand in a unique way.
  • Explain your product or service in a message that quickly gets across your audiences’ minds.
  • Acts like a pitch! A nice looking one at that. It helps the viewer retain your information.
  • These viewers can lead into higher conversion rates.
  • Can help with ranking and online social factors.

How HookLead Can Help You?

Two major components of video explainers, a good script and time. That is where the creativeness kicks in! Let’s face it if there isn’t a good script produced than you would be doing the video injustice. Also, a great video explainer should not be long at all and should get the point across within 30-90 seconds. We are here for every step from start to finish which can involve:

  • Getting started with collaboration or collect and organize your details
  • Work on plans for the copy and script. Creating a story board that highlights the general idea.
  • Design the visual pieces and strategy of animation.
  • Recording professional voiceover(s) that will fit your message.
  • Select or work on sound and music.
  • Video production and editing.
  • Placement of video and developing strategy.

Let’s Work on that Promo Video

Take the next step and fill out the form or call 1-740-500-HOOK to setup a free consultation in how we can help you with your video or if it’s even best to do one at all.