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Inbound Marketing

Looking to increase leads and sales? Our inbound marketing campaigns will put your brand in front of interested prospects. Say goodbye to cold leads!

Our inbound marketing strategies encompass multiple digital marketing channels that work together towards the same goal – reaching and converting prospects to sales.

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How We Do It

Inbound Marketing Methodology
Inbound Marketing - Research

Create Better Marketing Campaigns Through Strategic Research

We first begin by learning more about your business, goals and ideal clients. We work with you to determine what business KPI metrics need to be tracked in order to show success. Next, we research your ideal client and create a buyer persona that tells us who we’re marketing to, and how.

Inbound Marketing - Audit

Optimize Your Website for More Growth With Our SEO Audit

It’s important to ensure your website is properly optimized for people and search engines. We’ll execute a SEO technical audit to check for errors and opportunities. Once the audit is complete we perform keyword research and optimize your website to current SEO best practices.

Inbound Marketing - Content

Attract More Website Visitors With Content Marketing

We leverage information found during our persona and keyword research to drive content strategy. This ensures your content is speaking to the right audience and delivering value. Our team of professional writers craft engaging content that prospects and search engines love.

Inbound Marketing - Social Promotion

Put Your Brand in Front of Prospects with Social Media Promotion

Great content is only half of the puzzle. We use social media strategy to amplify your content and help you get found.

Convert Website Visitors to Leads and Sales

Generate More Leads with Premium Content, aka “Lead Magnets”

Our writers will create premium content such as eBooks and whitepapers to use behind strategic landing pages. This content works with top of the funnel (TOFU) and middle of the funnel (MOFU) offers. Our strategies include content for the entire funnel, helping you turn visitors into customers.

Increase Website Conversions with Landing Pages

Landing pages are used in conjunction with other marketing channels such as social media, SEO, email marketing and marketing automation. They’re the perfect tool to exchange premium content for contact information, and increase conversion rates. Our landing pages feature forms that tie into your CRM and typically trigger a marketing automation campaign

Aid Your Sales Team with Lead Intelligence & Scoring

Any marketer can generate leads. Smart marketers use lead intelligence to learn and market in smarter and more effective ways. Our lead intelligence, scoring and analytics informs us what content is resonating with prospects, and what they’re truly interested in. That valuable information enables us to better segment your leads into tighter, smarter campaigns that lead to much higher conversion rates, and higher quality leads. We score leads as well so you are only spending time contacting prospects that are genuinely interested in hearing from you.

Move Prospects Through Your Sales Funnel with Lead Nurturing

We nurture leads through marketing automation/email marketing, social media and remarketing. Lead nurturing educates and validates your leads so you can spend more time converting customers.

Improve Marketing Performance with Analytics & Analyze

We track and test everything! We learn from visit and lead data by closely analyzing analytics. This enables us to pivot or persevere, creating highly effective marketing campaigns. We share our analysis with you so you’re always informed and empowered to use this information in your sales process.

Inbound Marketing Process

Inbound Marketing Pricing and Packages


Great for small businesses with lower competition looking to get started with inbound marketing.
  • Inbound marketing strategy
  • Social media promotion
  • On-page SEO for website and blog articles
  • Monthly inbound link building
  • Marketing analytics and reporting
  • Buyer personas
  • Weekly call
  • 1 Blog article per week
  • 1 Custom designed email per month
  • 1 Call to action and landing page per quarter
  • 1 Premium content offer per quarter
  • 1 Lead nurturing workflow campaign per quarter
  • Inbound marketing software required: 2 options available
  • 12 month commitment
  • Paid advertising encouraged for maximum results
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Achieve results faster and dominate your competition!
  • Inbound marketing strategy
  • Social media promotion
  • On-page SEO for website and blog articles
  • Monthly inbound link building
  • Marketing analytics and reporting
  • Buyer personas
  • Weekly call
  • 3 Blog articles per week
  • 2 Custom designed emails per month
  • 3 Call to action and landing pages per quarter
  • 3 Premium content offers per quarter
  • 3 Lead nurturing workflow campaigns per quarter
  • Smart content mapped to buying cycle (assumes Professional Level or higher of HubSpot software)
  • Advertising management and ad design included (advertising budget not included)
  • 12 month commitment
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Find How Inbound Can Work For You

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