5 Facebook Ad Targeting Tips for Realtors

Despite recent news, Facebook ads still open a world of potential for using real estate ads. It's really no different than direct mail marketing, except you can reach far more people and it's much cheaper.

The key to Facebook ad targeting is to get your ads seen by your target market. Those are the eyes with the most interest in what you are selling. The more you're able to zero in on those potential buyers and sellers, the higher your success rate will be in converting your advertising dollars into sales.

So, what are some tips to help you more accurately target your Facebook ads?

5 Facebook Ad Targeting Tips for Realtors

Facebook is one of the top places for Realtors(R) to connect with potential clients. These Facebook ad targeting tips will help you find and close more leads.

Lead Ads

The first thing you want to look at is lead ads. This is a special kind of Facebook ad that allows you to capture leads within Facebook without having to send traffic away from Facebook.


Here are three groups of people any Realtor(R) should be targeting their Facebook ads to:

  • People looking to move
  • First-time buyers
  • Real estate app users

Facebook has a specific category for people that are potential buyers/sellers called "Likely to move". This is a goldmine for Realtors(R) because Facebook knows who these consumers are, and these are people who will be needing a real estate agent and many other products and services.

Facebook allows you to drill down even deeper with a category called "First-time homebuyer".

If you want to get even more specific, you can drill down on first-time buyers looking to move, and target those who browse real estate apps like Zillow and Realtor.com

Use Testimonial Ads

Real estate testimonial ads are a powerful Facebook tool because these ads provide social proof with your target customers, and social proof is critical for building trust.

Video Ads

Video ads on Facebook are an invaluable resource and amazingly low-cost, considering the reach and impact they can have for your business.

Integrate Facebook Ads with Traditional Advertising

Facebook ads are an incredibly powerful and cost-effective way to reach potential buyers and sellers, especially when integrated with tried and true methods like postcards, door hangers, and ads in community papers.

This might seem like overkill, but the fact is that today's consumers need an average of 12.4 impressions before making a purchase decision. So, these multiple impressions across multiple advertising channels are vital to building awareness of your products.

The Power of Facebook

If you want to grow your real estate leads, it's hard to overemphasize the importance of Facebook ad targeting tips. Facebook ads for real estate have become a proven way to increase local market share.

Facebook allows you to be incredibly targeted and creative. Mastering your Facebook targeting strategy gets you in front of very specific segments of your audience, where many of them spend an average of 40 minutes of their day.

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