6 Stats to Transform Your Real Estate Digital Marketing

The real estate market has dramatically transformed over the last decade with the use of social media and real estate digital marketing.

Referrals are just one method real estate agents go to in order to find new clients.

What if there were a few changes you could make to hone in on some useful digital marketing ideas to increase your client base?

These seven real estate digital marketing tools are at your fingertips. Use them wisely to optimize your opportunity for growth in the real estate market in 2018.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Stats

1. 32% of Millenials are Home Buyers

The millennial generation, which consists of people born within the time frame of 1980-1995, are quickly becoming first-time home buyers.

With this powerful statistic in mind, it's important to understand how to use real estate digital marketing in your favor to encourage this generation to buy homes with your help.

Attracting millennials to view the homes on your market must involve some type of social media plug. Whether this is a Facebook event that invites a certain age group to the party or an Instagram photo, you need to tap into the social aspect of marketing.

For example, posting a photo on your company Instagram account promoting a new property can be easy.

Take some amazing, high-quality photos of the property for sale and post them on the company's public Instagram account. Don't forget to immediately begin sharing the photo on all of your other social accounts to reach an even larger audience.

The more times the property photos are viewed, the more people will be interested in reaching out for information about the beautiful property you captured.

Millenials love their phones, so make sure you grab their attention using popular social sites such as Facebook or Instagram.

2. 80% of Home Buyers Look Online

People use Google for everything.

Google is king. We all use it to figure out where to eat, shop, and even travel to on a daily basis.

While considering how to improve your current real estate digital marketing strategies, you need to spend more time beefing up your online presence.

Is your real estate website up to par? Is the website functional on mobile devices as well as desktop computers?

Make sure your real estate properties can be visible for all to see, as pictures speak a thousand words. The photos need to be crisp and clear, too.

They can be viewed using a slideshow method or by having the user click to view the larger image.

Having a functional website, with a modern layout, is the perfect way to entice your audience to see more pertaining to the properties that you have to offer them.

3. 88% of Generations of Buyers Seek Help from Professional Real Estate Agents

Finding the perfect home to buy on your own is scary.

Not everyone is ready for the hunt of a lifetime, searching for the best place to live to raise children for years to come.

All generations rely on real estate agents to guide them through the house buying process.

This stat is great to know because it makes you realize how essential your job is for someone to settle into the home of their dreams.

4. 91% of Realtors Use Social Media, Another Tool for Expert Real Estate Digital Marketing

Once again, it's just a no-brainer that social media is still a huge marketing tool in the digital age.

There are a few new ways to spice up your social media presence.

Consider the following:

  1. Hosting a giveaway on your Facebook or Instagram page to encourage people to share and like your page to win prizes
  2. Add a simple "subscribe here" button to your website to let people know when the latest homes are for sale
  3. Show off your clients! Take professional photos of your home buyers and post them onto the Internet for other people to check out
  4. Interact with your audience by responding to comments on your social platforms, whether that is in the form of a Tweet or Facebook message

5. 73% of Homeowners Like Video

In the world of real estate digital marketing, you need to think about choosing video to accurately depict your home.

Agents want to do everything they can to find you a new home and sell the one you currently live in.

Finding new and exciting ideas to beat the real estate competition is simple.

Video production is how to step it up. It's a real estate digital marketing technique that is on the rise.

Marketing homes in 2018 involves video by incorporating drone footage to capture the essence of every room in the house.

Develop a relationship with a video production company if you are inexperienced in that department of technology.

There are dozens of companies that offer video walkthrough services to work with you on creating beautiful imagery for each property you list.

6. 79% of Real Estate Agents Use Facebook

It's no surprise that most real estate agents use Facebook more than any other social app.

Facebook is a great way to increase exposure online.

Real estate agents can instantly share new listings using their business Facebook account.

Adding people on Facebook is also easy to do.

Need to figure out how to grow your Facebook visibility?

Once you attend a networking event for real estate agents in the area, you can connect with them on Facebook because most people are active on their accounts during the day.

Your targeted audience will form and more people will see what properties you are listing on Facebook.

You can then direct them to your real estate website to gather more information regarding a house he or she is interested in.

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