Video Marketing Statistics Proves Why You Should Use It

Remember when "Video Killed the Radio Star?" It turns out that "video wasn’t done killing!"

The 1979 hit by the Buggles “Video Killed the Radio Star” will always act as a reminder that as we innovate technology, the old mediums become less important can eventually “die off”. While we still have radio, it’s popularity has dwindled and today people prefer the power of streaming music they want to hear without the clatter of unwanted ads.

Similarly, the Internet has evolved and it seems that ‘video’ has a thirst for blood once more. This time around in the world of online marketing. Video has become a key strategy for brands of all sizes to engage their target audience and with the tools to create compelling videos becoming ever more accessible, the demand for video marketing increases.

The Ruthless Power of Video Marketing

While "written content" will be forever needed to some degree, video content has become a more effective means of getting the message across in a quicker timeframe. The average internet user has an abysmal attention span, even lower than the dumbest goldfish. This is why it has become so important to utilize those precious "8-seconds" before a user loses interests and swims to another fish bowl.

However, just like the market "favored video over radio" back in the early 80s; market trends show us that the market continues to favor video over pretty much every other marketing medium available.

Here’s some statistics to illustrate the "love for video":

Source (HubspotForbes)

To be honest, the list can go on and on and on.

This should give you an indication that if you don’t have video as a part of your marketing budget, you should definitely start to consider it as the future market trends suggest that ‘video will go on killing it’ over time.

Explainer Videos and Retention

While the "video marketing spectrum" is quite vast, there are different types of videos to focus on. You have everything from sales videos, hype videos, viral videos, tutorials and explainer videos. They also all come in a various shapes and sizes.

Explainer videos however have become an important part of maintaining user engagement within their websites. Not only has this marketing tactic increased user retention on many big sites like Dropbox and, it also increased conversions between 10%-20%.

It’s simply a more effective way to introduce your brand, educate your prospect in a fun and engaging manner. People are predominantly visual learners and with video you stimulate both visual and auditory learners.  A quick, short and engaging video allows your users to quickly grasp your ‘intent’ and can motivate them to take action much quicker than ‘written copy’.

This is one of the reasons why the demand for video marketing has increased so drastically in 2015.

The Bloody Bottom Line

Video marketing has taken the world by storm and with further innovations in the realms of holographic marketing, video will only become more powerful. As a business or a brand, implementing video within your marketing budget is a solid investment, especially if done correctly. You can gain mass exposure with a small budget and reach your desired audience with higher efficiency.

Video did kill the radio star, and has continued killing ever since. The question is, will you use video to ‘kill it’ for you?

10 Tips on How To Make an Explainer Video

You've probably heard of explainer videos or animated explainer videos, but you might be wondering what they are, and how they can help your marketing strategy. 

What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are visual pitches that give your customers and idea of what you're offering them. Most businesses employ them to get new sales and leads, but explainer videos have many functions. These videos are usually between one and three minutes, but some can be longer. Usually animated explainer videos are made for a business’s product or service, but live motion video explainers are great too as long as the script and acting are perfect. There are many editing tools and video production services that can assist with creating these videos.

If you want your customers to know more about your brand than just your slogan, explainer videos are a great way to showcase why your product or service is one of the best available to them.

Whether you relay this message in a youthful tone, or choose a more sophisticated one, explainer videos have proven to be effective in creating brand awareness, increasing revenue and garnering the interest of future prospects.

10 Tips for Creating a Great Explainer Video

  1. Keep it short. Nobody is looking for a 30-minute sales pitch. Tailor your material to people's current attention spans. You may show your video on a home or landing page and statistics show web visitors only stay on a page for a few minutes to short seconds.
  1. Write Great Copy. One of the most important things is a great script. If it doesn’t make sense or isn’t compelling you’ll lose your audience. You may have all these wonderful things to say, but if you can't put it together we suggest in hiring a professional copywriter. One who specializes in explainer video scripts and the fundamentals of video conversion. We have some valuable tips on how to write an explainer video script for you to read.
  1. Make 'Em Laugh! Although it's easier said than done, a little humor goes a long way, talk with your scriptwriter about conveying your message in a humorous way.
  1. Use Emotion to your Advantage. Know what emotion you're trying to elicit from your customers, and relay your desires to your scriptwriter.
  1. Draft a Storyboard. Along with your script it’s great to have every scene planned out. A storyboard will usually include frame-by-frame visuals, scene descriptions, time of each scene, voice over and audio layout.
  1. Plan Visuals Carefully. Viewers are engaged when there are well-executed animated video production of graphics. For live video pay attention to locations and camera angles. We recommend using a decent camera, lighting and such for live motion and if you don't have that then hire video production services to take care of that portion.
  1. Use Professional Recording for Audio. If you are trying to convey a professional image, a poor-quality audio recording is going to do you a major disservice. Proper recording equipment (a high-quality microphone recorded in a soundproof space) will lend your video a professional quality your customers want to see.
  1. Use a Professional Voice Over. If you’re not going to record your own voice over then carefully select an appropriate and professional voice over artist. Preferably one who has the proper recording equipment we mentioned.
  1. Consider Using a Song and SFX in your Video. Music stirs people's emotion like few other things can. It can be hard to obtain the rights for popular songs, but there are thousands of artists on the Internet who have recorded music specifically for corporate/promotional materials. Find something that matches the tone you are trying to elicit.
  1. Plan for your Product Launch. Select what platform on which you'll release your video. Share your video on your blog, website, and social media platforms.

Now that you know the basics of how to create a great explainer video, use these tips to improve your video marketing strategy!