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Are you struggling to consistently generate enough leads to keep your business moving forward? Lead generation and sales is a pure numbers game. If you're not steadily adding new opportunities to the top of your funnel on an ongoing basis, you'll have gaps in sales and business growth.

We specialize in PPC marketing and have proven campaign strategies to keep your pipeline full.

The beauty of Google & Bing Ads is the power of being found when your target audience is actively searching for solutions you offer. However, without the right strategy & management, PPC can be costly.

Our team has the experience to craft strategic campaigns that are highly optimized, giving you the results you need for predicable growth, while maintaining a healthy return on your marketing investment.

Quit wondering how to consistently attract and convert the right traffic - let our experienced team of SaaS marketers create a winning strategy for you now!

Winning Campaigns Proven to Work!

Be Found

Be Found

Get found when target prospects are searching online. Leverage their search intent to generate quality leads.



Start getting leads NOW with our Google Ads campaigns specifically for SaaS & technology companies!



Our time tested, proven marketing campaigns have generated ongoing sales for our clients. Are you next?

Google & Bing Ads for SaaS & Technology Companies

Our PPC marketing services include high converting landing pages and:

  • Google & Bing Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Remarketing via Google & Facebook

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How We Help


We begin by learning more about your business and goals, and develop a strategy to reach them. We research keywords consumers use to find products, services and businesses like yours.


Campaign Setup

We create custom campaigns with strategic ad groups, keywords and ads. Our ads are highly targeted and designed to drive clicks and actions.


Landing Pages

Generating the traffic is only half the battle. We ensure we’re sending traffic to the most relevant landing page that features strategic calls-to-actions to increase conversion rate.


Conversion Tracking

You will always know how your campaigns are performing through our reporting and conversion tracking. We track phone calls and onsite conversions.



We closely monitor your campaigns and frequently optimize them to maximize performance. We mostly optimize to increase conversion rate and lower cost-per-lead. However, we work with you to define which KPI’s are important and ensure we optimize your campaigns so you get the most out of your budget.



We provide frequent updates and reporting so you always know how your campaigns are performing.

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Ready for more leads?

What Our Valued Clients Are Saying


"We have received a great return on our investment by working with Hooklead and I'm looking forward to working with Zack and his team for a very long time."

Gregg Cohen, JWB

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How much are ineffective marketing efforts costing you? How much of your advertising dollars are being wasted from campaigns that don't produce a return on your investment? Not having a sound, proven strategy and a team of professionals managing your campaigns could be costing you a great deal.

Our campaigns typically start around $1,000/month + advertising budget.

Stop missing out on potential sales. Talk to us today and let’s take your campaigns to the next level. 


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Certified PPC Advertising Partners

Getting To Know Your Brand To Create The Most Effective Campaigns

We believe in truly getting to know your brand’s values, target audience, competition and solutions before we start brainstorming any Google Ads campaign or strategies. We carefully research your market to get a feel for the value your solution offers and how we can craft a winning PPC campaign to reach your business goals.

At HookLead, we do specialize in PPC marketing for SaaS and technology companies so you can trust in our experience and proven strategies. Our team has a wealth of knowledge when it comes SaaS PPC advertising. Our knowledge in this sphere is what really sets us apart from other online advertising agencies.

Our Google Ads Methodology

What Makes A Successful Google Ads PPC Campaign

When creating SaaS PPC ad campaign, we use a combination of tried and tested methods, as well as a little individual flair in our strategies that have been created specifically for your brand. Some of our focal points include:

Finding Your Ideal Audience

You may have already done some market research into who is part of your ideal target market. We combine the information you share with our team as well as our own market and competitive research to really discover what makes your audience tick and how their buyers journey works. Once we know your target audience, we’ll craft carefully curated ads and targeting with this audience in mind.

Taking A Look At Your Competitors

We closely research and analyze your market and top competitors to determine how we can effectively set your solution apart. It's important to find market gaps and opportunities to better serve your customers and outperform the competition.

Making The Most Out Of Your Marketing Budget

This is where the major advantage of working with a professional online advertising agency comes in. We know how to make the most out of your marketing budget by bidding on the right keywords and creating ads that will not just bring viewers to your site, but bring potential customers that are already interested in what you have to offer, giving you higher conversions and higher chance of making sales.

Our Google & Bing Ads Process

We are extremely transparent throughout our entire PPC marketing process. Below is a high-level view of our strategic search marketing process:

  • Consultation
  • Getting to know your solution
  • Research and strategy
  • Keywords, targeting and ad copy review
  • Implementation of ad campaign
  • Ongoing optimizations
  • Analytics
  • Reporting

We keep you informed of all our methods and processes every step of the way!

Discover how our proven digital marketing campaigns can help your business. Get in touch with our team today!