5 Tips On Writing Killer House Descriptions

There are over 2 million licensed real estate agents in the United States. Among those 2 million agents, over 5 million existing homes have been sold.

That's a lot of listings on the MLS.

With so many agents and listings, how do you get your listings to stick out? Well, it can start as soon as the house description.

In digital marketing, content is king. Real estate agents should use it to their advantage. Here are a few tips on writing killer house descriptions.

Be Effective

The MLS doesn't offer a lot of room for your house descriptions. To be effective with your space, stick to the most important features. You don't need to list the number of bedrooms and bathrooms because those are already mentioned in the property details section.

Use your description to talk about the unique features of the house that set it apart from all the others.

Use the Right Words

There are words that sell homes, and words that don't.

Words that sell homes include:

  • Upgrades
  • Granite
  • Landscaping
  • Beautiful
  • Lighting
  • Curb Appeal
  • Fixer Upper

The description is the perfect time to highlight the best features of the house. Mentioning upgrades such as new windows, a new roof, and new granite countertops are especially eye-catching for buyers.

Words to avoid are:

  • Must-Sell
  • Motivated to sell
  • Value
  • Clean
  • Vacant

No One wants to buy a house that no one wants. Using words like "motivated to sell" and "vacant" create the idea that the house is in bad shape and no one wants to live in it.

Imagery is Powerful

You will love coming home from work and soaking in the custom hot tub on the beautiful brick patio while watching the sunset over the valley.

Sounds nice, doesn't it?

Now try: Hot tub included. Back patio. Located on a hill....

Which paragraph do you think would truly entice potential buyers? Don't be afraid to write out of the box a little and paint some scenes that give the house some personality.

If your house has brand name items, be sure to use them in your imagery description. If you can boast about brands such as Viking, Ikea, and West Elm, then, by all means, mention them.

Edit....Then Edit Again

Even though your house descriptions are pretty short, you still want to make sure they are edited for spelling and grammar mistakes. You want to present yourself as a qualified, well-rounded agent who will be able to represent your clients in a professional way.

Have someone read them over. Listen to their suggestions and don't be afraid to make changes until it is the perfect house description for your property.

House Descriptions 101

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of writing a perfect house description? Don't worry, we've got your back. We're here to help you in any of your real estate marketing needs.

Sometimes the best thing an agent can do for their business is to let a marketing team take over so they can better focus on the relationships between them and their clients.

Afterall, that's the most important part of your business.

So don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to put a plan in place that will max out your online marketing potential.