Inbound Marketing for Real Estate

Inbound marketing for real estate is the present and the future. Why? Because real estate is a crowded and competitive space and consumer behavior has changed.

Consumer behavior has changed

Think about it, prospects have so much information available to them now that they're able to do all their research online. The Internet affords them the data they need to seach properties, research the market, learn about all the details involved in buying/selling etc. They don't really need any help from a real estate professional until THEY are ready.

Think about how much time you're currently spending calling, emailing and texting "leads." Wouldn't you agree that the majority of your leads are people that are either unresponsive or not ready to buy/sell? If you agree, then you are both bothering your prospects and wasting your time.

Inbound marketing for real estate, when setup correctly, works to nurture your prospects, qualify leads and notify you of the people who actually WANT your help. Wouldn't you rather focus your time talking to qualified leads, instead of playing the "numbers game?"

The role of the real estate agent has changed. 

Savvy real estate professionals leverage marketing tools, data and systems to attract the right prospects, provide value and reach out when the timing is right. Prospects prefer this method and you should too!


Think about your current marketing strategy. AdWords, Zillow, print ads, cough... direct mail. How many of your competitors are doing these exact same things? How many of you are asking for phone number on most all of your web forms? How many are calling ALL leads generated?

Consumers are getting bombarded by real estate "salesman" instead of consulted by a professional. 

Now I'm not saying that AdWords, Zillow etc. don't work well for generating leads. They work. But, what I'm saying is everyone is using the same tactics in the same way.

Spend YOUR time wisely

Another approach is to create a well thought out inbound marketing campaign. This will enable you to:

  • Learn what makes your target audience tick
  • Market to them in a manner THEY prefer
  • Deliver value
  • Spend your time wisely by only focusing on the right leads

For example, you could build out a complete funnel that helps your prospects through the buyers journey by providing content for the awareness, consideration and decision stages. What this does is keeps prospects happy and highlights your value as a real estate professional.

Instead of treating all leads the same, you could leverage marketing automation and lead intelligence to help prospects and keep your efforts focused. Let your marketing attract and nurture prospects while you spend your time with people who want and need your help.

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