The Role of Social Media in Luxury Real Estate Marketing

Marketing for a luxury real estate firm can be a tricky task.

Luxury is a competitive niche with a naturally limited consumer base, so it's important to go above and beyond other agencies.

One of the ways to do this is through leveraging social media. So how can social media give you a luxury real estate marketing advantage? Read on to find out.

Create a Brand Narrative

Perhaps more so than in other niches, luxury marketing is about creating a brand narrative.

In order to be known as a top brand in luxury, you have to portray yourself as a luxury brand.

Luckily, social media gives you a great medium to do this. This is especially true due to the visual nature of social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can use photos and videos to display the high-scale properties you're trying to sell. Show off the scenic vistas, trendy interior design, and luxurious amenities that affluent home buyers desire.

With this "Show, Don't Tell" technique, you can prove to potential clients the quality of your real estate.

By using social media to establish the proper brand narrative, you can grab hold of the luxury niche.

Build Relationships

Social media allows for two-way communication between a company and their audience.

Unlike traditional marketing and advertising, in which a business talks to a customer, the two parties can talk with each other using social media. Because of this better balance, it's easier to form meaningful relationships with potential clients.

Building these relationships provides many benefits to a luxury real estate agency.

Among the most important benefits is creating brand advocates. These are customers who promote your brand and recommend your services because of the positive experience they had. Recommendations such these are highly influential in luxury marketing.

Drive People to Your Website

If used in an effective way, social media is only a conduit for your business. It's a pathway to get people to your website.

Few people go around casually browsing luxury real estate websites. In contrast, the average person spends about 135 minutes daily on social media. Social media is where people get their news, find a few laughs, and hang out.

By having a presence on social media, you're going where the people are.

As such, you have the opportunity to use engaging, relevant content on social media to pry people away from their timelines and visit your website.

If you can attract visitors to your own territory, you have a better chance of building leads and conversions.

Improve Search Engine Optimization

Another way to drive people to your website is through search engine optimization.

SEO is all about establishing a complete online presence so that when people search for luxury homes, Google's algorithm puts you at the top of the search results.

Social media is one of the many things that can help boost your SEO.

For example, when you and other people share your content, it helps to build your network of backlinks, one of the top ranking factors.

Social networks also give you places to create NAP citations - locations online where your name, address, and phone number are posted. Having your business information correct and consistent online strengthens your brand.

More Luxury Real Estate Marketing Tips

Social media is a powerful tool in luxury real estate marketing, but it's only one piece of a holistic strategy.

For more real estate marketing tips, check out our blog.