Real Estate Search Engine Optimization Strategy Tip

Video Transcript:

What's up guys? This is Zack from HookLead.I wanted to do another part of the real estate seo search engine optimization strategy. In part 1, we talked about the importance of beginning with a site audit so that you can uncover opportunities and weaknesses and items that need addressing from a technical seo standpoint. So let's assume that that part is done.
The next part is to get a business citation audit. Most of the time real estate, you're going to be in a local market. You want to show in the map pack, you want local search results. So you want to get a business citation audit. Now what citation is, it's all your different listings such as Yelp, Google, My Business, yellow pages, superpages, things of that nature. What you're looking for in the audit is where you’re listed were you’re not listed. Also, is everything concise and consistent, meaning your name, address, phone number and website needs to be exactly the same across all platforms.

So what Google and search engines do is in order to validate you as a brick and mortar business, what they'll do is they'll say, OK, so abc real estate company is telling me that they are on 123 main street, right. Well how do I know that for sure, let me go out to some other places, some credible sources, and cross check to make sure that that matches what they're telling me. They'll go out and they'll check BIng and Yelp and Superpages and different things like that. All the different data aggregators. So it's important to have everything clear, concise and consistent. And what I mean by that is what I see a lot of the times is a lot of discrepancies. So for example, someone might say xyz realty group on one listing, it might say xyz realty on another listing in might say xyz Realty Group Inc on another.

You want to make sure that they're exactly the same everywhere and that you're listed on all the major directories and citation sources. There's three categories that you want to pay attention to. There's national, local or hyperlocal, and then there's niche. You want to be on real estate related ones, ones that pertain to your local market, and then just your standard national, local, better business bureau of different things like. You want to first start with an audit, figure out where you are, where you are, not which ones need to be cleaned up, and then you clean them up, make sure they're all clear, concise, consistent, and then you start building more directories and a business citations around, again, national, hyper-local and niche would be real estate.

And then you build it out and that's one of the big search engine ranking factors. So if you get all your business directories and citations in order, then you'll have a lot better chance of ranking and the map pack and organically in your local market.
Again, this is Zack from HookLead. If you would like to get your audit, your free Seo audit, please visit and you'll be able to find a link to the free audit tool. Hope y'all have a good day. Bye.