The Digital Realtor: 4 Tips On Selling Homes Online

Statistics show that nearly 5.5 million existing homes were sold in 2016. Selling homes online is making it easier than ever for people to take their house, and expose it to a wide audience of potential buyers.

It's important to consider selling online as an option because it allows you to sell the home quicker, and for more than you might otherwise get in a sale. But how do you sell your house online?

Believe it or not, selling your home with the power of the internet is easy. You just need to know how to make the most of your listings. We are going to explore four important tips that you need to know before you attempt to sell your home.

Details Matter

The first thing you need to realize is that details are crucial when you are selling anything online, especially a home.

You need to be able to convey to potential customers the different features and functions that come with the home. Don't skimp on details, even if you think you have enough information.

Explain the overall size, the front and back yards, talk about how many bathrooms are in the home, explain when new floors and paint went up. Be sure to get down to the absolute nitty-gritty.

Who knows, maybe that ONE detail you remembered last minute encourages someone to pick up the phone!

Take a Look at this Photograph

We have all seen posts online where people try to sell a home without photos. It's almost humorous in a way (if not aggravating due to the time you just wasted). No one is ever going to consider buying your house unless you show them what it looks like.

When selling homes online, be sure to have plenty of good pictures with a high-quality camera, and include them with the original posting. Potential buyers need to see what they are buying, or thinking about buying.

Photos help connect people looking for a home to your house. They may see the pictures and suddenly, they can see themselves living there! It helps them further invest into the overall decision.

One Time Sale or Going Into Business?

The next tip depends on whether you are selling homes online, or just trying to sell one property that you own.

If there is only one house you plan on selling, try to get your home out there on multiple outlets. Be sure to use social media and other "selling" sites for your home. This will offer you multiple outlets, help you reach more potential buyers, and help you cast a wider "net."

On the other hand, if you plan on going into the real estate business, you should consider starting your own website. You can advertise all of your homes online in a professional, organized, format.

However, you can still use social media and other outlets to advertise your website.

Be Responsive When Selling Homes Online

Selling your home online is going to result in numerous people contacting you. You're not going to come to an agreement with everyone, plain and simple. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't respond to every single message you get.

If you are responsive and open when talking to people you are more likely to build trust and rapport with the people contacting you. Even if you have to respond to 100 people, and only ONE appreciates your responsiveness and you get the sale, then it was all worth it!

It can take some getting used to, but selling your home with the internet is a great method that has helped tens of thousands of people.