SEO for Real Estate

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Hey, this is act from Hook lead. So today I want to talk about SEO for real estate. Now SEO is a really deep topic and there's no way we can cover it all in one video. So we're going to chunk it up into several videos. Each one's going to kind of build upon the previous one.

In any solid SEO strategy, you always want to begin with an audit. So you want to run a site audit on your website, that could be done manually with online tools or a combination of both. That can be done either yourself, if you have an expert on your team or if you hire an agency, honestly, a really good place to start is with a free tool. We actually have one on our website that you're welcome to use.

If you go to and go to our SEO services page. When you go to try to exit off the page, you'll see a pop up. And that's our free audit tool. Honestly, it's pretty comprehensive. It does a really good job. It's going to expose different things such as, you know, do you have duplicate content? Um, how were your title tags? Are they duplicated? Are they missing? Same with Meta descriptions. Are they within best practices? Are they too long? Are they too short? Do you have all tags and all your images? Do you have an Xml sitemap and html site map? How was your inner linking structure? How has your, your, your url structure, um, you know, are there any pages that are unable to be crawled? How's your page speed, you know, does a site pull up quickly? Is the optimized for mobile devices? You know, those are a lot of the basic items that can make or break the success or failure of an SEO campaign.

Because what you want to do is get your audit done, look at the report, address any of the serious main technical issues that the report that the audit will will flag. Fix those items first, and then you can start building upon that, right? That's your foundation. Get your website optimized from a technical SEO standpoint. Then you jump into persona research, keyword research, content marketing, link building, social media, you know, all the fun stuff, all the different tactics, but first, like I said, start with an audit, get the report, that's your blueprint, that's your initial blueprint of where to start. Get those items, address first, and then build upon that.

Again, we have one for free on our website. Just go to and go to our SEO services page, and you'll be able to get your free audit there. If you have any questions, let me know. And again, this is Zack from HookLead and thanks for tuning in. Bye.

Get your free SEO Audit here!