Join The Conversation: A Guide To Social Media Marketing For Real Estate Professionals

In real estate, it's all about showing, not telling. This tends to make make video and visual imagery a top priority for your marketing strategy. The internet provides the perfect medium for doing just that - advertising your real estate visually!

This is also what makes social media marketing for real estate so enticing. However, if you're not familiar with social media or marketing on these platforms, then this guide may help.

Let's take a sneak peek at how you can make social media work for your real estate marketing strategy.

Use Instagram to Generate Leads

There are various platforms that are ideal for social media marketing for real estate. Since this industry is all visual, it makes sense to use this platform if know how to use it correctly.

Instagram is a video and photo sharing platform you've likely heard about with over 700 million users, which means there's plenty of potential to find prospects or increase brand recognition.

A lot of businesses like it because it's user-friendly, so if you've never used it before, you shouldn't have a problem getting started.

Make no mistake though, certain are certain angles and methods to use concerning how you approach Instagram. Whether it's using the incorrect hashtags, or using the wrong strategy in how you approach posting photos and the proper angles to be taking; be sure you are using this platform correctly!

Create a Facebook Page

One social media platform with a higher user count than Instagram is Facebook. It's definitely a platform you never want to overlook (even despite recent news throughout 2018) and should be an absolute part of your social media marketing for real estate.

Facebook has a whopping 2 billion users across the globe. Once you open your page, you will need a strategy to attract your audience. As a rule of thumb, you want 80% of your posts to be consumer-oriented and the remaining about the business.

Focus on community-oriented posts, such as what's going on in local neighborhoods, school-related events, and local charity activities. The idea is to establish your brand as a community and thought leader, so you can earn your audience's trust.

You don't want to come off as just another realtor. A lot of realtors take the wrong approach in how they handle their content and will attempt to go for the home run first instead of being more practical, getting a few base hits and then going for the grand slam. As a realtor, you absolutely must take the right approach in your content.

Don't Undermine the Linking Power of LinkedIn

It's not just about connecting with home buyers and renters. Any strategy for social media marketing for real estate should include professional networking, and LinkedIn is the perfect platform for this.

This platform has 467 million users across the world, giving you an excellent stage for marketing your services and engaging with others in your industry. The idea is to connect with other professionals that can help grow your brand. Again, you must nonetheless be sure your content approaches people with the right angle.

You can earn yourself exposure you might use to boost your online reputation among investors, local banks, and business owners. One way to do so is to create informative blog posts about interesting reports or interesting recent trends.

Photos or even videos of your latest projects and properties can also help draw attention from investors and business owners. Furthermore, if you sell or lease commercial properties, there's an added bonus to using LinkedIn.

Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Sales

Social media is by far one of the most effective ways to market your real estate properties. You can use it to attract residential and commercial prospects alike.

Using the above tips, you can help improve the visibility of your brand. It's also a great idea to seek expert help with your marketing and design.

At Hooklead, we specialize in generating leads for businesses in the real estate industry. If you're looking to attract the right prospects to your realty business, then give us a call today!