5 Essential Online Tools For Real Estate Brokerages

Are you a real estate company looking for online tools for real estate brokerages to boost steady streams of leads to your business?

Real estate and owning your own brokerage tends to be a hot business for many and will likely continue to be for the foreseeable future. In order to streamline your schedule and find new clients to bring in more listings, you have to be on top of the latest trends in the real estate market.

Some important marketing strategies are vital to organizing your company and succeeding as an independent brokerage.

These are five essential tools for real estate brokerages that you need to learn about if you want a successful career in the industry in 2018.

1. Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

Looking for a new way to create 3D virtual digital images for each one of your properties?

Using a program like Matterport will be a great asset to your life as a real estate brokerage. Matterport has the ability to make 3D floorplans that all of your potential clients can view online. One can view and compare available homes on the market using Matterport software with it's state-of-the-art virtual tour capabilities.

Take a 3D walkthrough of each home using photo galleries, fly-through videos, and 360-degree panoramas.

Instead of calling up your clients and briefly mentioning how a home looks, you can stay connected through this unique software to provide clients with detailed images of every part of their potential home. Let your clients visualize how their family will live comfortably once they send in an offer.

Your clients can view each property with expert virtual tours offered by this exclusive online software to show off 360-degree perspectives of each room. Buyers can look through each and every room for a completely immersive experience.

Cut down on costs-per listing with the Matterport virtual tour software, too. Bring all of your important listings to life using virtual programs like Matterport because you can simply document all of the rooms in the houses without the need to take photographs and print anything out.

2. Social Media Presence

Another tip for growing your online presence as a high-end real estate brokerage is to have a prominent social media following online.

From a strong following of Facebook fans to followers on Instagram, you need to keep up with times and set up accounts on all of the major social media channels(be you must be strategic in how you use each platform). You can use each of them to grow your following and post high-quality photos advertising your latest properties to hit the market in your top-selling neighborhoods.

People are constantly on their phones, so why not tap into this essential step to boost your following as a real estate brokerage? Social media can be huge for your client potential.

Invite your friends and family to follow you on Facebook and Instagram once you create business pages. New clients will be found through Facebook and Instagram so be sure to have an active profile on these platforms to build up new followings.

There should also be a place where old clients can leave kind reviews about their experience working with you as a real estate team. It's important to leave a good impression with your previous clients and positive feedback will no doubt create more leads.

3. DocuSign

When it comes to getting the appropriate documents signed by your clients, using software such as DocuSign will be absolutely beneficial for your business.

Electronic signatures are a tool of the future. Be sure to enable this software on your team website to allow your clients to approve documents at their convenience. Over 250,000 companies use DocuSign right now, so you can trust it for your business.

Make deals happen faster with DocuSign as one of the best real estate sales tools to increase your stream of leads this year.

4. More Tools for Real Estate Agents: Use RealScout

Turn your leads into real clients using RealScout. Check out the virtual images available on RealScout for each new property listing associated with your account. Your brand will be visible on the site, too.

When your client has a question, he or she can also get in touch with you immediately. Prospective clients can also learn more about your previous sales by searching for your name as a company.

As an independent brokerage, you need to find a competitive edge over big name brand companies. Stand out as an individual brokerage by using an online resource like RealScout. Agents and clients can work together to find the best end result.

5. Hutch Staging Software

Want to transform the rooms in your listing properties without physically arranging the furniture? Try using Hutch instead.

Eliminate the need to constantly move around furniture and home decor objects in each property you list by investing in high-end staging software from Hutch.

Visualize while you decorate each room in the home. Upload the photos using their online website in a flash. Pick the furniture of your choice to place in each room to customize the overall look and feel in a personalized manner catered to each specific client's needs.

There's also an app connected to this unique software so you can take your work with you wherever you go. Free shipping and free returns are also great perks to using this software as a real estate agent.

Achieve Your Real Estate Goals

These are the five best tools for real estate brokerage to utilize as a professional company. We hope these tools will be put to use to help you grow your social media presence in order to hit major goals as a team.

With online tools, you'll never solely rely on complicated strategies to spread the word about your properties using social media incorrectly ever again. Be sure to use the right social media strategy, and you'll be gaining more clients shortly thereafter.

Use the power of the Internet to explore new ways to approach the real estate market as a brokerage in 2018. Connect with clients much faster than ever before with these five essential online tools today.

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