Throw Out the Old Way of Website Design & Development

A Smarter Approach to the Process of Crafting a Website

You want to know what your website should be? Your top salesperson! A 24/7 digital machine pumping out leads and sales. A good salesperson is a people person and smooth talker. Knows your product or service in and out. Keeps up with industry news. Is dedicated to you for constant growth. Your website should be all these things and more. So how do we approach to develop such a site?

First What is Traditional Design?

Traditional Design
A common method of website design finds itself being a long process in the very beginning. The reason is because perfection sets in and everything must go into the website build before launching. It's not unusual for a website to miss the initial expectation of being complete. After a launch, the website usually sits there without any updates because there was so much effort put into the development process. There's never a plan to update the site for better performance.

The Traditional Website Design Experience Involves

Large up-front costs

Taking months to complete using a great deal of resources

Project delays & fluctuating budgets

No prototype or testing of what users think

A Smart Web Design Approach

Growth-Driven Design changes our approach and way of thinking about building and growing the website. It minimizes risk associated with traditional web design practices. It promotes continuous improvement and learning to the website. Then as we learn from the results of experimenting with actual users we transfer and inform marketing and sales. 



The first stage of Growth-Driven Design is the strategy stage. we’ll develop a rock solid foundation that we can build our Growth-Driven Design process that involves everything from goals & page strategy to wishlist items and an 80/20 analysis.

Launchpad Website

Launchpad Website

In the traditional web design process websites launch at the finish. In Growth-Driven Design websites launch right away. No one launches a perfect website on the first go. Launch quickly so you can continue to learn about your users and improve the site.

Improvement Cycles

Improvement Cycles

Your Launch Pad website is live to start on-going cycles to continuously experiment and improve on your website. There will still be a wishlist of impactful items that can be implemented on the site. Cycle steps involve planning, development, learn & transfer.

Ready to Make a Smart Investment with Growth-Drive Design?

GDD Process

We Utilize Tools During the GDD Process

Throughout the whole process of GDD we utilize tools so your success with website design and development process is beneficial. A few tools we use throughout the process:

  • Project management to Google Docs
  • Tools to easily share and collaborate on web page designs
  • Web page heatmaps & screen recordings from website visitors
  • User research from audio, video and written feedback
  • Customized analytic tools such as Google Analytics

Let's Compare

Traditional Website Design

Risks are High

Investing into a lot of time

Huge up-front costs

Can become over-budget and delayed

Opinion based project

Often no improvements done


Growth-Driven Design

The Right Approach

Launch site quickly

Spread out Investment

On-budget & on-time

Site build based on data decisions.

Site improvement every month.

The Benefits of Growth-Driven Design

You'll get excited about some of the benefits when using the GDD design process. Find out why it's going to be better than trying to go through another traditional website design:

  • You become involved with strategy and build a list of must haves and what would be nice to have.
  • You design around your target audience and goals.
  • You have a website launch as quick as possible start collecting user data.
  • You get customized setups of web analytics and lead tracking.
  • You see a continuous cycle of improvements of your website.
  • You learn about how experiments is helping your website.
  • You see and understand how conversion rates continually grow because the site is driven by site improvements based on user research.
  • You build a great relationship with us.

Start Building a Growth-Driven Website Design

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