HookLead Delivers Results!

Return on Investment in the First Month!

Real estate investing company in South Florida closed a deal in the first 30 days from our leads. Client made an offer on the second lead generated from the first weekend the campaign went live. Offer accepted, bought and sold home within first 30 days of working with HookLead.

We followed-up with our client the weekend after the first couple leads were generated, his responses were:

"Yes I got them. Just left one now. Could be a sweet deal. Major fixer upper. 🙂 Thanks a lot!"

"Got them to take my offer in the keys. Sweet deal. Doesn’t come around very often like this. I might just keep it. Pretty sure I can get a great testimonial out of it as well!"

178% Return on Investment in Less Than 6 Months!

Real estate investing company in San Antonio closed 2 deals in less than 6 months from our leads. Only paid $8,995 for leads that generated over $25,000 in revenue!

NYC Campaign Produced Fast!

We worked with a NY Home Buyer to setup a lead generation campaign in New York City. Despite the campaign being brand new, it started producing leads the first week! Strong conversion rate, competitive cost-per-lead and steady lead flow.

NYC Campaign Produced Fast
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