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What Our Plans Take Care Of

Website Graphics & Edits

Graphic & Web Edits

Creation or edit existing website graphics. We offer changing content, swapping images and update blog posts.

HTML & CSS Edits


Sometimes edits involve changing a button to a different color or when adjustments need to be made because new menu links are added.

Wordpress Backups

WordPress Backups

Creating back ups of your entire WordPress website just in case you need to revert or recover to a previous version.

Wordpress Updates

WordPress Updates

Stay secure and updated. We make sure all your WordPress Core, theme and plugins are updated so everything runs efficiently.

Wordpress Security Scans

WordPress Security Scans

We'll provide security scans to detect malware and security issues that may arise. Uncovering threats that may become a problem.

WordPress Website Care Plans & Pricing

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do backups work?

We will backup your whole WordPress website (database and files) once a month. You can also request performing a site backup at any moment of time.

How do WordPress updates work?

Every month we will check to see if there are any updates available with your WordPress version, plugin(s) version and theme version. We perform a site backup before updating.

How do security scans work?

We will perform a monthly security scan of your WordPress website. While we perform the scan and if we uncover any issue we may apply a fix or let you know we'll need to reset the website to a previous backup.

How does submitting tasks work?

We will work on a single task at a time. A task could be completed within 1-3 business day(s). Example, submit task, we review, perform task, you can review for approval and then you submit next task. All tasks are reviewed to fit within scope of maintenance plan.

How long does it take to review a task request?

We will review and respond to your task request within 1 business day from submission.

What does basic graphic design or minor HTML/CSS edits involve?

Basic design requests could be such things as designing a simple banner or single icon. Minor HTML and CSS edits could be such things as adjusting spacing between elements, changing colors of HTML elements through CSS or even increasing font sizes. We will review your request and if the task is beyond the scope of your maintenance plan we will consult and provide the work at an additional cost if approved.

What does content or blog updates involve?

We will change or add a new page or blog post content as long as you provide the edits or copy. We can edit or add a single page or post per task. While this does not involve copy writing service we do offer it for an additional cost that you can request.

Can I cancel my plan?

You can cancel your plan at anytime. However, there are no partial month refunds and services continue through the end of the month.

Can I switch my plan?

Yes, you can switch your plan at anytime.